Legal Information

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust Legal Information

Company Number: 9435396

Incorporation Date: 12th February 2015

Registered in England & Wales at: St Helen’s Catholic Primary School, Chargeable Lane, London, E13 8DW

Trust Directors

  • Mr James Allen – Principal
  • Mr John Anthony (Chair) – Foundation
  • Mr Michael Coleman (Vice Chair) – Chair of LGB
  • Mrs Tina Fayemi – Chair of LGB
  • Mrs Gael Hicks – Principal
  • Dr Claude Warnick – Foundation

Chairs of the Local Governing Bodies and Foundation Directors are appointed by the Diocese of Brentwood.

Principal Directors are Headteachers in the Trusts’ Schools.

All directors were appointed on incorporation on 12th February 2015

Finance Audit & Risk Committee

  • Mr James Allen
  • Mr John Anthony
  • Mr Michael Coleman
  • Mrs Tina Fayemi
  • Mrs Gael Hicks
  • Dr Claude Warnick
  • Chair to be elected

Company Secretary

Mrs Gyorgyi Callegari

Accounting Officer

Mrs Gael Hicks

Price Bailey LLP
Causeway House
1 Dane Street
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 3BT

Lloyds Bank
Threadneedle Street

Winckworth Sherwood LLP
Minerva House
5 Montague Close
London, SE1 9BB